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The year is 2569. After more than 350 years of rapid and relativly peaceful expansion through space the human race has suddenly come under attack from marauding space aliens. The aliens have attacked and captured most of the outer colonies, quickly over whelming the unprepared local militia and enslaving or eating the populous. The swiftly formed Earth-Space Defence Alliance needing to bolster its weak nationalistic forces, is offering a bounty to private entrepreneurs for clearing out systems.

You start the game as the pilot of a cargo runabout. Spending the last of your savings on an interstellar hyperdrive and a couple of secondhand Series 1 Cyberdyne eMissiles, you blast off to protect your home from this destructive extragalactic malediction...

About Rapid

Rapid is a top scrolling arcade style blast fest. You control a range of ships and weaponry on a mercenary quest for glory and profit against wave after wave of belligerent alien space armada.
Rapid is BETA quality software: Rapid is fully playable, however the plot line is missing and some functional element are incomplete.

System Requirements

The following represent the bare minimum system you will need to play Rapid

  • PowerPC Macintosh
  • 90Mhz 601 CPU
  • 3.5 MB free RAM
  • 3.7 MB free HDD
  • MacOS 7.6

Rapid is not available for M$, *nux or Be (sorry).


The Latest version is 0.4.11d7

Stuffit Extractor is required to extract this package.

Rapid 0.4.11d7 (rapid.sit, 2.2Mb)

Last Modified August 2000